I learned about the "civilization and history" of its cities .. Moroccan beauty who praised Israel

I learned about the “civilization and history” of its cities .. Moroccan beauty who praised Israel

Unlike previous tense periods in the history of the two countries, the Moroccan-Algerian crisis presents a “dark” future for the Maghreb region, which could lead to a split. , According to media reports, Spanish.

The newspaper says,Espanol“It is clear that in 2021 the Maghreb will be divided into two axes, the most important of which are the two major powers in the region: Morocco and Algeria.

“Declaration of Carthage” … Maghreb Union without Morocco

A Tunisian-Algerian joint statement, announcing the establishment of a “new regional space” called the “Carthage Declaration”, raised questions about the reasons and intentions of the declaration, which was issued following the visit of Algerian President Abdelmadzit Debon to Tunisia. On Wednesday and Thursday.

Moroccan analyst Sheriff Lemerre believes that “tensions between Morocco and Algeria have made it impossible for Magreb to achieve the goal of achieving unity.”

In an interview with the Al-Hurra TV website, Le Myre said, “Algeria is looking for a way to ease the pressure on the inner street, and it is definitely looking for an ally who will be bullied, especially after gaining the support of Morocco. The United States, along with other countries.”

The report notes that the joint gap between the two countries “provides integrated and effective responses to security, economic and health challenges, events and all current and future developments at the regional and international levels.”

But Hakim Poukerara, an Algerian researcher and journalist, rejected the Algerian-Tunisian move against Morocco.

“Tunisia and Algeria are working to consolidate their economic and social conditions to exploit and break European colonial domination. On the contrary, they have talked about building the Maghreb.”

Tunisia abstained from voting in favor of a recent UN Security Council resolution extending the mission of “MINURSO” by one more year, and observers noted a good relationship with Algeria.

Ali Rabiz, a professor of political science in Algeria, believes that Algeria’s relations with Tunisia do not necessarily have to do with tensions with Morocco, but with the situation in both countries.

However, in an interview with Al-Hurra TV website, Rafiz noted that “it is time for the renaissance of the Arab Maghreb Union without Morocco,” adding that the union’s victory could push Rabat to change its policy and position in the future. Join it.

The newspaper points out that after Morocco formed a strong alliance with the United States and Israel, Algeria, an ally of Russia, is seeking unity with Tunisia and hopes for Iranian support.

Iranian stock

The press asks,Libertad DigitalSpanish: What danger did the US and Israel feel in supporting Morocco in its stand against Algeria?

The newspaper pointed out that Russia, an ally of Algeria, is also an ally of Rabat, and that Iran may be in danger of causing concern to the United States and Israel.

Relations between Algeria and Iran have strengthened significantly in recent years, with only two countries supporting the Syrian regime in 2012, and Algeria supporting the Iranian nuclear program in recent years.

Rabat accuses Iran of backing the police force that seeks to separate the Western Sahara from Morocco.

Iran has been a key supporter of Algeria’s severance of ties with Morocco, which the Algerian Foreign Ministry has described as “hostile to Morocco”.

But Hakeem Bohera believes Algeria and Morocco will expand their alliance. But not only in the military, but also in the commercial sector.

Spain .. the biggest failure?

In light of the growing tensions between Rabat and Algeria, the Spanish newspaper says Spain is slipping into a dangerous position of wanting to stay out of a conflict, but it was involved, especially after receiving the head of the Policario Front, Ibrahim Khali. , For treatment, with the support of the “axis of evil,” as she put it.

The newspaper points out that Madrid’s relations with Rabat have deteriorated dramatically, and that Spain is moving away from the United States and Germany, especially after Berlin’s recent position on the Moroccan Autonomous Proposal for the Western Sahara.

According to the newspaper, Spain’s reliance on Algerian gas and its military weakening ahead of its neighbors make the situation worse.

In his interview with al-Hurra, Pokhara acknowledges that Spain looks diplomatically weaker than other powers that have entered the region, such as China, the United States and Turkey, or have traditionally been in Spain, or have been in it recently. France.

Commenting on the newspaper report, Bougrara said, “Spain seeks to protect its interests and play tense Algerian-Moroccan relations to strengthen its economic and trade presence in Algeria and Spain.”

The newspaper says that if Algeria maintains the Russian S-400 security system and establishes its goodwill with Iran, the “eternal conflict” in the Middle East will move to Spain’s borders.

The newspaper believes that the solution to Spain’s problem lies in Madrid’s aligning itself with its traditional Western allies and maintaining a better relationship with Morocco, which shares many interests.

But Ali Rafiz, a professor of political science, sees the Spanish newspaper reading the current situation as a “new approach” adopted by Spain to oppress Algeria and Morocco, portraying this “dramatically” situation and saying that both countries are on the edge. Conflict.

Morocco and Algeria have entered the largest arms race in recent years, and their respective budgets for 2022 have shown significant increases in defense allocations.

Western Sahara is the main cause of tense relations between Morocco and Algeria, and the conflict has been going on for decades, uniting the Policario Front, which is demanding a referendum on self-determination approved by the United Nations in 1991, while Morocco is controlling the 80. Percentage of the vast Sahara region.

Last November, when the Sahrawi separatists declared a ceasefire, signed in 1991, in response to Moroccan military action in a buffer zone south of the Western Sahara, the situation was very tense.

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