Forget the cool text message and indulge in the charm of Christmas cards with Noemi_londres

Forget the cool text message and indulge in the charm of Christmas cards with Noemi_londres

Nomi Michalik, a popular blogger from Instagram and a real Londoner, now offers you to buy Christmas cards with London figurines, in the purest British tradition. Meeting Order them!

How did the plan for these Christmas cards come about?

The aim of the blog is to share British culture with the French community of foreigners and London tourists. Who says the English tradition is to send Christmas cards and exchange Christmas Eve SMSes! Postcards are available directly through my blog at

I called a friend, a local designer, to work on scenes that reflect everything capital. London lovers, like me, can order these 3 cards now.

What are the prices?

They cost £ 11, including postage. Delivery can be made anywhere in the UK and Europe, with no change in shipping costs. They are 100% green energy, printed in A5 size and completely biodegradable! Personally, I even used them for decoration, they are well designed on one wall.

These cards represent what I consider to be the most magical in London, while at the same time being in the British tradition. My subscribers are well aware that I am one Activist Christmas!

Can you remind us of the original idea of ​​the blog?

Bonsbaisersdelondres explores all aspects of life in London and offers tips for traveling there depending on the season and age… What to do in London when it rains, when looking for beautiful views or for dinner, where to walk, where to eat right?

Personalized travel plans, testimonials from foreigners, my comments about various companies, photos, my secret places, practical advice … and now you can find these Christmas cards!

Note that by entering the code, you will benefit from the 2 lots purchased xp2skpk9.

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