Spider-Man, Mellonson, Star Wars: The Same Multiverse?

Spider-Man, Mellonson, Star Wars: The Same Multiverse?

Welcome to the box office, the weekly meeting of the show Soft power. Every week, we see cultural trends and the biggest hits of this time. In conjunction with GfK Research Institute Books and video games and CBO Box Office For the cinema.

Between Michael Hullebeck’s “Jock and the Great Adventure of the Christmas Pig” and “Anihilate”, there will be something for everyone under the tree

J.K. Fiction begins with Rowling, whose new book is expected to sell well in children’s literature: Jack and the Great Christmas Pig Adventure. This is a Christmas story and the pig loses his little pig to a stuffed animal… (cruel, very cruel) who belongs to a little boy Jack. But we are in multiverses and you know many of these universes (not to be confused with Facebook metawares). So, we embarked on an adventurous journey worthy of the Wizard of Oz. The interesting thing here is that the controversy over transphobia (actually exaggerated, very fake by the author) had little impact on his sales, which were still astronomical. We talk a lot about “cancel culture” but it has no effect.

Then on a completely different record, the title of Michel Houellebecq’s new novel was released this Friday by Flammarion: ” Abolish So under the strict restriction of the title of this book, the 736-page book, sold for 26 euros, will be published on Friday, January 7th. Flammarion has already warned that Houellbecq will not give any interview to the written press, radio or television: it’s scary, because journalists, talk about it வேண்டும் read it!

GFK Institute, sales rankings for the week by fiction category.

“L’Avenir en commun”: Jean-Luc Mélenchon finally leaves the Marseille area of ​​his Multivers.

Non-fiction, co-authored with Jean-Luc Mன்சlenchon, diversified presidential candidate, Marcelo’s co-author and author of a booklet Common future, N ° 2 on non-fiction sales in France this week according to our partner GFK So, of course, this success comes from a small book with 14 short chapters sold for 3 euros. Still, multiverses (three jobs at a time) do not work here. However, what we understand from Médiapart’s lengthy critique (although generally more favorable to former Trotskyists) is that between Mélenchon and the city in Marseille – “the story of a missed encounter” from Marseille. Spoken on the show last week. The article about Mélenchon in Marseille is absolutely horrible. Inzumais, vice president of the city center, said there was no apartment in Marseille (neither for rent nor rent) contrary to what he suggested and he lived on AirBnbs during his stay in Marseille – very rarely, and more. In his constituency, he would have done absolutely nothing, and we will never see him again: Mediabart writes that it was a “mess”. Who decides that it will be difficult to represent himself in the assembly elections in Marseille. As we say Spider man (Brilliant formula): “You’re not Superman, you know!” “The story of the missed appointment” is to be read in the Mediapart.

GFK Company, Weekly sales rankings by non-fiction category.

“Spider-Man, No Way Home”: Time to Choose Peter Parker!

Multiverse is new again (and this time successful) Spider-Man, No Way Home, Released on Wednesday. It’s a wave at the box office, wiping out everything in its path: nearly 500,000 French people have seen it, listen carefully, this Wednesday alone, on 882 screens, according to our partner CPO at the box office. Total and Instant Blockbuster So, this Sunday evening should have already crossed the million entry mark and it can only grow because the film is good. This is the best Spider man The third season, or Third Universe, and as Manohla Turkis described it well in the New York Times this weekend, whatever critics think, is utterly useless. Movie review no longer applies in 2021, and he says you can’t even tell the story. It is now a crime in e-journalism to “spoil” a film and expose its plot. Still! If you know what is going on inside Spider man, When I was there twice on Friday night (crowded session ”, the audience applauded wholeheartedly, which is rare in cinema these days). So we know, let’s say. Spider man There was “outrage”, we know his name (Peter Parker) in real life, and he (therefore) lost his name unknown. So far, no spoiler. And then all of a sudden … we find that there are good remnants of American entertainment: Columbia retains its best principles and succeeds in completely revamping its image: Spider-Man is a man like you and me, and he has it all. Our problems (there is even back pain as he wanders around); “Great powers signify great responsibilities” (the famous phrase from the first picture of the first trilogy, returns here); Or another moral of the film: “It is better to succeed in helping only one person than to want to help everyone”. One last thing on the road: “Everything we do” – this is the reason we exist, this is our job Spider-Man says to justify his life.

In the first trilogy of four episodes signed by Sam Raimi, we fell in love with Toby Maguire Spider man ; Second (restart), it’s Andrew Garfield, less determined (lasting only two episodes of the season); We are now in the third trilogy, this time entirely directed by Marvel, John Watts, so the third owner, and apparently Tom Holland in the third episode and title character (Tom Holland always dreamed of having brothers). To point out precisely a false brother, Willam Tafo, the villain Spider man He is none other than the comedian of the Ultra-Avant-Garde Theater, Worcester Group. It is interesting to see this permanent bridge between the Off-Broadway Underground Theater and the most important cinema.

All of this did not end with the “Reboot in Sequel and Prequel in Multiverses” (as Jacques Mandelbaum wrote with humor in Le Monde) in the Empire State Building or in the Chrysler Tower as before. Spider man But apparently the United States offers “always a second chance” at the Statue of Liberty. Obviously, you get paid – and multiverses, many universes, it works!

Insecure: The series ends in style, echoing the waves of youth in the thirties!

Page series, return this week InsecureDoreen reminds us of Saint-Felix New Yorker, Both a masterpiece of a series, but still a social phenomenon on a broader scale. Launched in 2016 at HBO, the series has its theme (very houellebecquien) taking into account the passionate and professional wandering thirty-somethings (already) of their lives, all with modern and African-American therapies. With Season 5 (Final), the characters have evolved, grown, matured and become successful in their lives. At age 50, if you do not see the insecure, you have missed your life! You can see it in OCS.

Star Wars adaptation of the video game: The Most Promising Trailer

We conclude this week with this Star Wars It comes in the video game world. Electronic Arts, French studio “Quantum Dreams” will be responsible for the “Star Wars: Eclipse” trailer, which has just been released. The game is scheduled for 2022.

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GFK Institute, sales rankings for the week by video game category.

Bruce Springsteen came to Sony music

All Springsteen classics end on Sony, “Born to Run”; “Dancing in the dark”; “I’m on fire”; “Blind by light” and of course “Born in the United States” We chose the lesser known title “Point Blank” for this event.

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