“Dictok Live Studio”, Dictok’s live distribution software, diverted OBS source code without permission –GIGAZINE

"Dictok Live Studio", Dictok's live distribution software, diverted OBS source code without permission --GIGAZINE

Dictok has released a beta version of the “Dictok Live Studio” software for direct distribution to certain users from Windows PC. However, the direct distribution software developed by Dictok Live Studio is “open source”.OBSA portion of the source code for “” has been redirected to non-compliance with the license, and criticisms have been raised.

TikTok Streaming Software OBS | Hacker News

Information Technology News SiteTech CrunchAccording to TikTok, only a few thousand Western users are allowed to use TikTok Live Studio. You can stream TikTok Live Studio directly on the TikTok Live platform, interact with viewers through chat, and stream gameplay screens from PCs, smartphones, and game consoles. I can do that.

Used at Dictoc Live Studios, according to a post on the social news site Hacker News.DLLOne of the OBS development teams chose TikTok Live Studio because the files and EXE files were the same as those used on OBS.CompileAs a result, the OPS source code was redirected.

OBS LicenseGNU GPL Version 2Although it may be used for commercial purposes, it is subject to copyright notice, licensing and disclosure of source code and modified portions. Therefore, it has been pointed out that TikTok Live Studio infringes this OBS license.

OBS developer Ben Doral says, “Technically, TikTok Live Studio is not OBS ‘fork, it’s part of the OBS code inside, but it’s licensed.

In addition, Dorel acknowledged that “the diversion of source code that ignores the OPS license is illegal”, but that “although we promise to deal with GPL violations in good faith, TikTok and its function, Bytedance, will seek to establish compliant alliances.”

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