Why do we eat turkey at Christmas?

Why do we eat turkey at Christmas?

O XIVe For centuries, the majority of Europeans ate foods made mainly from grains: bread, milk or wheat porridge with broth. On the contrary, Very rich Can accommodate meat dishes and can have a very varied diet. In the middle of the XIVe Century, black plague epidemic hit Europe, 30 to 40% People are dying. This tragedy does not affect animals and mechanically increases the amount of meat and fish available to humans. One of the UK’s premier Christmas dishes, with an apple in the jaw, turns into a marinated pork head. There may even be his arrival at the table Must be with a song.

In 1526, William Strickland He returned to England after a voyage called “”.New worldIn his boat, there are six turkeys and turkeys purchased from Native American merchants. Tells the BBC. When he arrives, he sells them. According to Historians and archaeologists, This is how the turkey was introduced in the UK. It will become a delicacy that will be appreciated by the most privileged people, especially considered attractive and tasty. One to serve at your table Demonstration of wealth. This dish is called for their Christmas meal because turkeys are often slaughtered at the beginning of winter after they have matured.

Turkey success

In France, we are talking about turkeys because they were first introduced to the region under the name “Chicken of India”, India was the first place of explorers, the land where they thought they landed. He is a Even the usual Charles IX used it at his wedding in 1570.

Another Charles, this time Dickens, is the author of Oliver Twist and a turkey lover. So much so that he sang in one of the praises Christmas Rhyme In 1843, at that time, people still wanted to celebrate Christmas with a duck.

We have to wait for the start of XXe Century and the industrialization of agriculture so that the dish will become global. Far from the natural environment, turkeys are bred at a fast and impressive rate – which explains why they suffer from problems. Bone and muscle. By maturing quickly, they will end up costing the general public less. Since it has only one specific cost, it goes to exceptional tables: called Christmas.

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