US remake of Train to Busan to be released in 2023

One of the major Korean films of recent years has been in the US remake of Train to Busan, and it has long been known that its director recently screened the Rambo Al Inferno series on Netflix. Now, we can figure out that the rumored title, The Last Train to New York, will finally be in 2023, with its release date.

Behind the cameras of this remake will be Timo Tjahjanto, an Indonesian director who credits films like La Noche Viene por Nosotros or May The Devil Take You Too, while being a very familiar face to the mainstream as a producer. Like James Vaughn. Van has worked extensively on other horror films such as Annabelle or Cha Saga, and is widely known as the director of sagas such as Warren File or Incidius. In short, an easily recognizable face for fans of horror movies. On the other hand, it and it will be the script of Gary Doberman, who wrote the story before Chapter Two.

Train to Busan

A plan that will make you skeptical

Meanwhile, as often happens in these cases, the project is not without criticism. Tjahjanto has already resigned himself to getting them, while the director of the original film, Yeon Sang-Ho, promised that he believes this is not just a film with American actors, but one that encompasses a new experience. .

“We use the term remake, but I don’t think a remake should be one that adds advanced technology to what has already been produced,” the Korean director said. “I think the remake should be a completely new creation. And as the creator of the original film, I don’t think there should be any resemblance to the original film and the remake. In fact, I hope they have their own quality and their own vision. Also, as a creator, if your intention is to interpret it in exactly the same way … wouldn’t it be nice to see the original version of Train to Busan? », He concludes.

The exact premiere date of the last train to New York is April 21, 2023.

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