On the side, a star emits a cry from a heart-breaking heart

The league players have not escaped physically this season, and some have sidelined themselves for a while. One star in the case recently cracked a strong message on Twitter. It’s hard not to be immobile by so much frustration.

Competition in the West has grown enormously. After 29 games played, Mike Malone’s men are seventh in their standings (15-14) and have a half-win in fifth. Justifying his MVP position under Nicola Jogic (26 points, 13 rebounds and 7.5 assists a game), Denver holds the scratch and can make a surprise at the end of the regular season.

What is remarkable about all of this is that the Nuggets achieve it without one of their key players, Jamal Murray. We almost forgot about his presence, but the guard has been missing since last April due to a rupture of the cruciate ligaments. If his owner had too much trouble in last year’s playoffs (4-0 defeat against Phoenix), it was because the Serbian Pivot could not trust his key lieutenant.

Jamal Murray wants to return to court

Since then, he has been far from the Canadian field and is working hard to return soon. However, he sometimes cracks on the mental level, losing what he wants to do, i.e. playing. This is what happened to him recently, as he last posted on Twitter. It actually acts as a call for help, showing how desperate he is not to dress:

Damn, I want to play again …

It’s hard to see a parallel in the Clay Thompson case in Golden State. Following a major injury in the 2019 final, he missed the full-back 2019-20 season, a year before his Achilles tendon was torn. Soon, the guy had to do a lot of doubts and depression though. It is easy to imagine that Nuket would experience similar moments.

However, just like the No. 11 dubs, be careful in Colorado. Returning after not doing so always carries risks, especially in terms of the possibility of recurrence. On the side of the medical staff, Murray will definitely not be allowed to play until all the lights are green. A situation is necessarily frustrating, but unfortunately for his future in the big league …

Jamal Murray can no longer watch his teammates play from a distance and can easily understand it. We can only hope that the Canadian will make a comeback as soon as he can!

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