Mookie Bets began his winter batting practice

Mookie Bets began his winter batting practice

Mookie Bets had a very tough season last year. The former Red Sox victim of a hip injury did not dominate his new colors in his first full year. He was still limited and it showed.

However, the Dodgers have come a long way in the playoffs, which has put him off as he begins to recover compared to the others. After that, the main party was getting married and honeymooning.

But there, everything behind him. He took a break for a while and now started training in the gym.

In fact, he has returned to his homeland (Tennessee) and he goes to the same place in other years to start hitting a batting cage again.

In order to motivate himself, he can attack with his former teammate Brock Holt with the Boston Red Sox. The two friends push each other to strike together.

This is not the first time the Bets have visited the M3 baseball training facility in the winter as they want to spend time at home.

However, this year he had no choice. Why? Because of sick leave, he will not be able to train at the Dodgers facility in Arizona or California.

The outfield player is expected to have no surgery and should be ready for next season. Congratulations to the Dodgers fans that he will be hungry.

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