Human life will face at least 8 anomalies if the round world becomes flat

One of the most popular conspiracy theories today. The world is seen as embracing the belief that it is flat. Many people in many countries do not believe it Scientists have proven that our world is not a sphere. But the ancient religious texts have separately stated that it is a plate or plate-like plate

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Although Greek philosophers have been able to prove it since 300 BC. The earth is spherical in shape and its circumference is also known. But the Flat Earth Society revived ancient beliefs in the 1950s, and the group has become increasingly active in recent years.

Flat world

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The center of the world is at the North Pole, according to the concept of a flat world. Antarctica considered the location of the South Pole. On the contrary, it looks like an ice wall around the edge of the world. Therefore, no traveler has ever died on the edge of the world. The sun and moon revolve around each other in the flat upper sky of the earth. The orbits of the stars in the solar system have nothing to do with Earth. I wonder if the earth is really a flat plate as mentioned above. what will happen?

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1. A world without gravity

In a spherical world the force of gravity acts equally on all objects and all human beings. Wherever in the world it holds us vertically on the ground. But if the world is flat it means there is no gravity. This is because the force of gravity towards the center of the earth always pulls the earth into a sphere.

Some flatheads may say that his kind of gravity was directed towards the North Pole at the center of the flat plate. But if that is true then the force of gravity acts horizontally on everything. It is further away from the North Pole and the object is pulled to a flat position. This makes it impossible to stand upright.

2. Earth has no atmosphere.

When gravity is lost a flat earth cannot capture the atmosphere that surrounds it. This means the sky will darken instantly. Because there is no gas to scatter sunlight to make the sky brighter and can be seen as bright blue during the day

Lives suffocate when there is no atmosphere. Earth’s atmospheric pressure will be exhausted. Because the boiling point of water is so low, aquifers, which are part of all living things, evaporate in the blink of an eye.

3. Baroque weather

Rain will no longer fall to the ground in a straight line if the flat-earth gravity is directed towards the center at the North Pole. But the normal climate of today’s planetary world is such that the slope falls and touches only the center of the plate. Occurs only on a flat planet in the center. There is no water in the perimeter.


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4. Lost in the world

The flat world does not allow anything to come around. Therefore, it is more likely that there will be no satellites for human use. It could be a telecommunications satellite or a navigation satellite to help tell the geographical coordinates of the world. Therefore, people living in a flat world can easily get lost. Because there will be no GPS device to use it.

5. Traveling to certain places can never reach the destination.

Traveling on a flat planet defined by geography. The spherical world will last longer because we can not go by plane and go to the nearest shortcut to the destination. If the world is flat, such as traveling from Australia to a research station in Antarctica, this journey will take a very long time. Because he had to fly across the Arctic, including parts of North and South America.

6. There will be no northern lights, we will be charred.

The current of molten iron orbits at the center of the sphere, which provides us with a magnetic field that shields us from the harmful effects of space radiation and solar wind. If the world had become flat there would have been no flow of molten metal forming the Earth’s magnetic field. The worst effect is that all living things will be burned. The collision of electrified particles with the Earth’s magnetic field, including the beautiful northern lights or the aurora, will no longer exist.

7. The night sky cannot be divided into northern and southern hemispheres.

When humans look at the night sky in the planetary world they find that their view of the stars differs from those in the northern and southern hemispheres. But it was already flat to see the star on Earth. This is not a problem at all. Because, wherever they are, the whole world will see the same sky.

It may be nice but observing astronomical phenomena on a flat earth is much less than on a round earth. Because many parts of the sky will be blocked instead of relying on space telescopes to see space instead

8. A hurricane-free world

The globe world revolves around itself. Coriolis causes the effect, which affects the direction of destructive winds such as hurricanes, tornadoes or hurricanes. This phenomenon causes storms in the Northern Hemisphere to move clockwise to the left. When storms rotate in the southern hemisphere and move in opposite directions. But if our world were flat these terrible hurricanes would no longer exist.

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