How to store a phone in the snow?

How to store a phone in the snow?

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    - Sputnik Serbia, 1920


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Eldar Murtazin, a researcher at Mobile Research Group, told Sputnik how to “repair” a mobile phone when it falls in the snow.

When the phone falls, the researcher believes that the ice will take away the moisture, but it will also be damaged by means of spray on the streets to melt the snow and ice.

“If water enters the phone, it will not do much harm to him, but it will cause various reactions and water erosion with salt, which usually appears after two or three months, so it is necessary to clean the phone immediately,” he said.

The expert advised what to do when The cellphone fell in the snow.

“If your phone has fallen with the reactants in the melted snow, it is necessary to remove the ice from it and wipe it with a napkin. If snow falls on the connectors, they should be wiped well. Do not plug in the phone immediately“Because it’s rusty,” Murtaza warned.

Turn off the phone immediately. Blow dry is not recommended, but moisture can be removed from the phone in another and much easier way.

“Put the phone in a jar with rice for five or six hours. The rice will absorb moisture and the phone will dry out,” the researcher advised.

He believes glasses and masks are the best protection against impact and fall.

“During a fall, the phone is often damaged. The mask provides extra protection in the event of a fall, while the safety glass absorbs impact,” the researcher concluded.

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