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Amazon, French Wars 2/3

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The second part of our series about the American giant who accelerated its establishment in France since the onset of the epidemic. Which does not go smoothly. Near Lyon, a talented employee was fired, but protests erupted, with the person involved and the SUD competing with the union.

Video games are more than just a hobby for Jeremy Buglia: a hobby. He has an export of home consoles. PlayStation, Switch, Xbox, PC? “All”, He replied with a shy, almost shy smile. When this 30-year-old went to work on Amazon, he took it anyway, “Like a Game”, Scores must be exceeded, must be improved. “I always wanted to go upstairs”, He explains, with a gray hoodie on his back, a black beard and a thin belt on the side, and headphones in his hands. But instead of stacking bricks on a screen, the job was much more efficient at scanning the packages instead of being knocked out or barraged by enemy infantry. Original cardboard boxes must be ordered at the Amazon Delivery Agency in Saint-Bristow, a suburb of Lyon, as a last resort before reaching out to customers of the vast American company founded by Jeff Bezos.

Amazon, French Wars: Chapter 1

Listen to what he has to say, Jeremy Baglia, one of the first employees of this warehouse to be hired in 2018, excels in the big game of globalized e-commerce. Site management staff expected to process 300 to 360 packages per hour, but that increased to 800. In one night he saw more than 5,000 people passing under his eyes. “I was talented”, Who mentions …

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