Filippo Scotty, the new Timothy Salamet?

Filippo Scotty, the new Timothy Salamet?

At the age of 21, the Italian actor explodes on the screen of Paulo Sorrentino’s “The Hand of God” on Netflix.

Although he has already been compared to the Franco-American actor, Filippo Scotty can count on his unavoidable Italian personality to stand out from the crowd. Tall, slender, multilingual, sexy, and very mature into his 21st year, he takes on Paulo Sorrentino (on Netflix on December 15) with the film “The Hand of God”, whose character gently supports his eccentric Neopolitan family.

This is the first character he has already won the Marcello Mastroyani Prize for at the last Venice Film Festival. However, the young actor initially backed away from the ban. “I told him, Pavlo, it takes you a month to find another main character,” he says. I’m not ready. I was not kidding, it just scared me so much! “H.

Fortunately, Sorrentino found words of promise to Filippo, who had dreamed of becoming an actor since he was 9 years old. His father was the one who gave birth to his career by showing Hitchcock’s “courtyard window”. “Previously, my parents were very worried and I was overwhelmed with excitement for this job. Now they are happy, I’m worried… ”is interested in making the right choices, but I am firm in his desires. “If Wes Anderson, Inarritu or Xavier Dolan want to cast me, I’m satisfied even if we can see my hair in their pictures!”

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