Card. Mller: Only men can be priests

Card.  Mller: Only men can be priests

“This Christ logically follows from the reference. On the other hand, other offices created by the church can, of course, be given equal status to women or men” – said Card. Mller added, “So women hold catechists, theology professors or other high positions, for example in Caritas or in church administration.”

The German cardinal reminded that the church is not a man-made secular organization. “Our plan will not change. There are many great women in it, and above all Mary, the mother of Jesus,” Card argued. Mல்லller. He stressed that she was the most important person in the history of salvation after Christ and that as a woman she was the foremost of the church. “So there is no question of discrimination against 700 million Catholic women,” she noted.

Recognizing the existence of thousands of books written about the history of the Church for more than two thousand years about women and their role, card. Mller noted that it “should be carefully distinguished whether the text reveals the truth of the disclosure or whether it has an unbound personal value.” Expressed belief theory cannot be explained arbitrarily. The cardinal said that men were not preferred in the church and that the continuation of the church’s teaching should not be reduced to ‘concreting’. Mல்லller.

Yet when asked if the Pope or the Council could decide whether to include women in the priesthood, Card. Mல்லller responded, “Pope John Paul II decided that the Church had no authority to appoint women as priests. This is a practice in its divine constitution.”

“In some respects the church has made new decisions, but only in matters relating to the reorganization of the church,” he pointed out. “On the other hand, the truth of the revelation is beyond the powers of the pope and the council. It is not a matter of choice,” the cardinal insisted.

When asked if at least women should be allowed on the diocesan ordinance, M முller, a member of the Supreme Tribunal of Cardinal Apostolic Signature, said: “Whether it is possible or not depends not on how many people support the ecclesiastical office, but on the obstinacy-historical findings. The Vatican explores this question, and it is a question of how to resolve the deacon’s office of the church, which dates from the third century.

He said they could be restored as a church office, but, as he stressed, “the unity of the sanctity of the sacraments speaks against it, for which men have a restriction and have all the ‘lower orders’. Abolished by Pope Paul VI.” Moreover, every pastor today has a much more extensive mission than any deacon in antiquity.

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