Video: A choir to impress Carlos Korea to Chicago

Video: A choir to impress Carlos Korea to Chicago

In recent years, Carlos Correa has been criticized more often than not in the MLP for its signal theft scandal. Shortstop devoured the room.

But since he became a free agent, fans have become sympathetic to him. Many still hate him (which is normal), but others see him as a savior.

Of those who visit Chicago, we notice the cubs. Korea, which had already opened the door to play in Chicago one day, saw fans and Marcus Stroman sign in the city.

Among fans who love it in Chicago, we notice that these Cubs supporters sang him a Christmas song to land him in the City of the Winds.

“Come play in Chicago, Korea. It should be different than shouting, so to speak.

Would Korea, which is ready to sign on to the restructuring club, want to sign on to a club like the ones that sold everything last summer?

Will go if there is money. After all, it is clear that Korea wants to get more than $ 275 million in wages in 10 years.

Keep an eye on the Dodgers on record, however …

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