Tota 2 is now compatible with controllers

Valve Dota 2

Valve updates Tota 2 and makes it compatible with game controllers. It should attract many players.

அடைப்பான் Here are some great ideas for the future of PC gaming. For example, you can play your favorite PC games faster on a portable console than playing them in front of a desktop or laptop. The US company has already tested this thing through the Steam link, which allows you to stream your Steam games from your computer to your smartphone. Today, The valve goes further.

Valve updates Tota 2 and makes it compatible with game controllers

The studio also works on the Steam deck, which is a dedicated portable console that allows you to play your Steam games anywhere. So it is not surprising to learn that the company is currently making some of its titles compatible with a controller. Also, the latest update of Dota 2 is going in exactly this direction.

It should attract many players

According to Wolverine, “Continuum Intertwine’s facts are being introduced in a very mysterious way, with today’s update introducing Tota’s control over the traditional keyboard and mouse configuration. Way to enjoy their favorite game. From selecting your hero to winning against antiquity, you can list your tendency for success at Tota and bang your hero by inserting any Steam input compatible PC controller (including PS / Xbox / Switch Pro controllers). ”

The valve also indicates that this feature is currently being tested. In other words, do not panic if everything is not working properly. However, it would be nice to have an alternative system for those who like and want to play a game like this on the controller.

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