This free site is similar to Google Stadium and GeForce Now retro games

This free site is similar to Google Stadium and GeForce Now retro games

Are you familiar with cloud game services like Google Stadium and Envidia’s GeForce Now? Piepacker is a kind of retro version of them, which allows you to play various nostalgic games in the cloud and for free, without downloading anything.

If you are nostalgic for this rainy and cold weekend, the relatively new site will throw you into the time tunnel and allow you to play some retro games and some more games – for free. Yes, it is completely legal.

There are 60 free games and some Atari classics

On the site Piper A kind of web gaming platform that works legally and allows you to play online, alone or in a good gaming zoom conversation with your friends. The service is fully operational As a project in Kickstarter, Which eventually became today and became the site in beta.

If you expect Piepacker to convert your monthly subscription to PlayStation Plus or any other gaming service – start by saying no. However, while the range of games in it is reasonable today – with about 60 titles – it still includes some good games that will make you nostalgic. Kids in their nineties can enjoy a game of Earthworm Gym 2 or Worms World Party.

The team behind PiPacker announced this week that it has been added to the gaming site created by five gaming Atari games, including Classic Pong, Asteroid, Breakout, Centipede and Missile Command. This includes the games mentioned above and some indie games that the site staff was able to add, including a game that excites Lupine addicts (as the author of these lines) on Netflix.

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One of the most interesting and fantastic things about Piepacker is that the site not only allows you to play with friends online, but you can also choose the retro games provided to you by your keyboard or remote. Can connect to computer (if you have one). In addition, you can talk and chat with friends while playing – Discord Style.

Lego is also involved

The project, which began as a campaign on Kickstarter, has meanwhile become a start-up and completed $ 12 million in capital last August, with Lego’s investment division leading the investment round. Yes, the one with the tiny bricks worth billions.

Firefox or Rahmana Letslen Safari users? You’re in a little trouble. The Piper operating system, on paper, is only available to Google Chrome users. However, from our experience, it was able to work smoothly on the Chrome-based Microsoft Edge.Something that will start stealing from Chrome users)

From my experience with the Piepacker site, the gaming experience is not bad overall – but there is room for improvement. I think this is relatively forgivable since it is a completely free beta. I ran some games like the Erworm Gym and the Worms ran smoothly, while the classic and seemingly less “heavy” game never stopped stumbling on some of the attempts I made to run it.

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