Rod Stewart and his son pleaded guilty during the Florida fight

Rod Stewart and his son pleaded guilty during the Florida fight

Singer Rod Stewart And his son Sean Pleaded guilty to one count of assault Justice case Continuing a Argument It happened at a private hotel Florida (USA) During ceremonies 2019 New Year, According to court documents Efe Accessed this Friday.

The British artist and his son pleaded guilty in the absence of a simple battery, low charge. Documents Their lawyer, Guy, appeared in a French court.

In this way, the translator “Maggie May“His 41-year-old son does not have to appear in court or have a judicial process and does not have to spend extra time in prison.

These events took place on the night of December 31, two years ago, when Rod Stewart and his eldest son, Sean Roderick, Quarreled with the guard Jesse Dixon, Who was denied permission for a private show Luxury Hotel Breakers Palm Beach, North of Miami, the controversy escalated.

According to court documents, Dixon allegedly confronted Sean and he pushed him back, and the singer’s son responded by pushing him. In the middle of the fight, the rocker approached the defender and stabbed him in the chest.

Later, the 76-year-old singer, who was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2016, said the guard was militant, although she apologized for the incident.

The confession comes following the failure of an agreement between the two sides in October, so a trial is scheduled for next January for Britain and his son.

State Attorney’s Office Palm Beach, Dave Aronberg, Investigated the case, declined to comment.

With information from EFE

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