London does not pay, Paris goes to trial in Brussels

London does not pay, Paris goes to trial in Brussels

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After eleven months of conflict between Britain and France over the number of fishing licenses issued to French boats after Brexit, Paris will decide to sue in Brussels and pay compensation to unlicensed fishermen.

France will ask the European Commission to sue the UK to get some more licenses for its fishermen, but has already decided to launch a “support program” on par with professionals staying at sea.

These government announcements, in the endA meeting in Élysée on Friday Eleven months of fierce Franco-British fighting over the issuance of post-Brexit fishing licenses came to an end between President Emmanuel Macron, fishermen’s representatives and elected officials from the region concerned.

“In the coming days, we urge the European Commission to start a controversy over the legal process for the licenses we hold, which are of the highest priority and most important,” said Clement Beyonc, Secretary of State for European Affairs. At the end of the meeting.

73 licenses are pending

Paris will also ask Brussels, “Putting together the Partnership Council provided by the Brexit agreement, to tell the British that when a problem arises, it is a European problem, they do not respect the 100%.% Agreement,” Clement Peon continued.

Under an agreement signed between London and Brussels at the end of 2020, European fishermen can continue to work in British waters if they can prove they have fished before. But for more than eleven months, The French and the British argue The nature and quantity of supporting documents to be provided.

Minister of the Sea Annik Girard “73 licenses still pending”, After receiving over a thousand approvals, I promise to continue a conversation with London and the Channel Islands, “trying to catch the last licenses”.

“Wandered by the British”

But in view of the fact that some fishermen are not recognized, the ministers officially opened a new page in this file: that of compensation.

We are taken for a ride by the English.

“The president wants us to be precise in supporting the fishermen (they are not licensed), and we have to sew by hand, sewing every case, basin by basin,” Annik Girardin said.

Among the fishermen, bitterness competed for him for the relief of seeing the uncertainty end. The case does not allow for any short-term settlement. But it deserves to show national unity and the support of the primary president for a sector that represents “from sea to plate” and approximately “100,000 jobs”. “It simply came to our notice then. I have the impression (with the case) that we are being taken for a ride by the English and that we are advancing towards the plateau. It would be great if it allowed me to get my license, ”said Pierre Vogel, a scallop fisherman in Saint-Malo.

There are many more wars: After licenses are issued, fishing methods (allocations, species, techniques, etc.) are discussed with London.

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