9 Director details you may not have noticed

Some Movies, And some in particular Directors, Have a reputation for being very strict in the movement of their films, so very low Details From each Display Well thought out. This is why some films are needed Many views If we want to understand all their nuances. A few months ago, we provided you with hidden details of 20 movies you may not have noticed, here is a new selection from the site Cracking Revealing some instances of perception for movies and Series Known.

9) Color measurement Wonderful woman

Picture Wonderful woman (2017) uses color only to make the viewer realize the difference between the heavenly island of the Amazon and the corrupt world of mankind. But distinguish the film from the rest of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU).

8) Jump into vacuum Spider-Man: The new generation

In the animated film Spider-Man: The new generation (2018), the iconic “Leap in the White” scene is reversed So it feels like the Miles are rising when the audience faces the challenge, Instead of falling.

7) In-view Monument

In the American thriller Monument (2000), some of the film’s events unfold in reverse order, so the audience only understands what the main character, Leonard, understands. Director Christopher Nolan says, “The most interesting approach is to tell the story first, putting the audience directly in the protagonist’s head.”.

6) Julia Roberts Erin Brockovich

In the 2000 film Erin Brockovich, alone against everyone, That was asked Costume designer to make sure all supporting actors wear dull colors, So the lead actress Julia Roberts and her fancy dresses stood out more from the audience.

5) Animation Iron giant

In the 1999 animated film, the giant robot Only one was made on computer graphics and the rest were hand drawn. Initially, it was decided due The difficulty is that they have to create a metal vessel to look “liquid”. But in the end, it gave the impression that the giant was unusual and completely different from its environment.

4) Sounds of animals in horror movies

Horror films like Glows (1980) or Exorcist (1973) Application The sounds of animals in distress make the audience nervous. In fact, humans are sensitive to the sounds of other animals in distress. Then acts as a warning of impending danger. So, by combining these sounds into an audio mix, it helps Makes the viewer uncomfortable, and unaware of it.

3) Projects within Fugitives

Scenes from the 1994 prison shooting were filmed in shades of gray and in tight spaces. And it is to cause loneliness and distrust to the audience. But as the characters progress towards freedom, The displays become more colorful and open.

2) Wilson Fiskin clothes Daredevil

In the first season of the Netflix series Daredevil, Wilson Fiskin’s costume series starring Vincent D’Onofrio becomes clear as it progresses. It marks the subtle transformation of character as a Marvel villain., Called Kingpin.

1) Projects within The request for a dream

The 2000 Psycho drama begins with wider scenes, and you can see that the scenes get tighter as the film progresses. This is a technique used by filmmaker Darren Aronofsky so that the audience can feel what is happening to the characters..

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