Viral test: Select the owl and find out what your future holds at the end of this year

Viral test: Select the owl and find out what your future holds at the end of this year
Take a look at this owl test, pick one and see what this 2021 means to you. Photo: iProfessional.

We continue Virus tests Spreads on social websites such as Facebook, Twitter It is included Instagram, And in many cases they help us to know our personality. Do you have the courage to solve the test below? It is simple and will give you many surprises. This time something new A puzzle. What is it about?

In this section, a picture will be shown where the four owls appear, each with different eye size, hair color, feather shape, etc. The important thing is to find out what details are waiting for you in the next few days by the end of 2021, you only have to select one of them.

Keep in mind that it is only possible to choose one of four animals. Test yourself and read the lines below the results of this psychological test that is going viral on social websites. Good luck.

Take a look at this owl test, pick one and see what this 2021 means to you.  Photo: iProfessional.
Take a look at this owl test, pick one and see what this 2021 means to you. Photo: iProfessional.

Viral test answers


If this is your first choice, you have a serious need to continue learning something new and interesting. You are a very open person, but your main drawback is that it removes your nose from your business or damages the future plan. Therefore, one should try to eliminate these traits to avoid problems in the future and in personal relationships.

Owl 2

Be careful, you can get cold even at 30 degrees, however if you live in the capital or cold areas you will not notice it. On the other hand, you have a problem: you are afraid of everything around you. Be wary of bad energy on the eve of a new year and remember that it is possible to follow the same line that can give you problems.

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So, you have to change it. It’s time to break down your fears and learn what to do to try or reflect on the crazy things in life.


Became very useful. You are a confident person and you are trying to open new frontiers. However, nothing is right and there is one thing that prevents you from doing it: it is childish innocence [o eso es lo que piensas]. So, you have to grow, and next year you will succeed. There is little left to finish, you can.


Finally, there are mysteries in this owl, but for those who are expecting a pregnancy it is even more so: there is still a baby within you, maybe it will be born in 2022 or it was scary for a moment. The biggest problem is that you worry about the world around you, but at the same time, it makes it harder for you to be with all the bad guys. It is difficult for you to protect yourself.

No matter what happens in the next few days, nothing will stop you. Otherwise, why did you try to continue throughout this crisis-ridden 2021? The courage to be near the light of the road, you need to know how to find it.

Origin of personality selection

Psychology of experiments Created a complex of theoretical procedures for recording mental qualities, part of which is still in practice today. The famous psychologist Hearing McKean (1890) Recognized as the founder of diagnostic tests Book ‘Mental Tests and Measurements’ He was the one who had the biggest impact on the development of the system.

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Hearing, Who introduced the concept of ‘experiment’, wanted to record the whole personality through 10 simple tests, using the dynamometer to determine the strength of the right and left hand, the reaction speed to the tonal stimulus, and the 10 auxiliary velocities in naming. Colors, etc.

These experiments and many of his students’ studies related to them are not very effective because they are based on the most primitive concept of the human psyche. Each individual quality of the person is explored individually, but what is being explored is not enough to represent the individual uniqueness of the personality or to represent one of its essential features.

At the time of the dominance of the psychology of basic representations, the psychoanalytic record of human individuality is understood to be the study and accumulation of isolated basic functions for its purpose.

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