The world's first "true centipede" was discovered 60 meters underground in Australia

The world’s first “true centipede” was discovered 60 meters underground in Australia

Has more legs than other creatures. D.With 1,306 guibolles, first “True” Centipede is found in the world, according to a study published in the journal Thursday, December 16th Scientific report (In English). If lCreatures with dissociated bodies, such as meriabots and worms, commonly referred to as “centipedes”, have not yet been identified as having more than 750 species. Species, named Umilips Persephone, A Greek deity of the underworld, was found 60 meters underground in a borehole in a minefield in Western Australia.

Animal, iPhoto taken here, Looks like a string about a millimeter wide, but about 10 centimeters long. He has “Cone-shaped head with large antenna and a crane for feeding”, The study notes. The absence of the eye, which is colorless, is a characteristic feature of animals that live underground.

“This centipede digs by stretching its elongated body, which makes it thinner to fit the microscopic pits.”, Details Paul Marek, from the Tech University of Virginia (USA). Its many legs propel its body, opening the cracks and crevices in the earth and allowing it to move as it pleases.

“This is a remarkable creature!” Andre Nell, an entomologist on systematics, evolution, and biodiversity (CNRS / National Museum of Natural History), who was not involved in the study, responded. In his view, this discovery has been a hope for biodiversity for hundreds of years “Re-colonizing artificial vents is very encouraging.” He says these tiny pits, often unknown, serve as a breeding ground for new species to be discovered.

The study notes that centipedes are among the first animals to breathe air on Earth. They play an important role in the ecosystems in which they live, eating garbage and recycling nutrients. Their babies hatch with only four legs.

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