The latest update pushes the control panel out

The latest update pushes the control panel out

Little by little the bird builds its nest. With the release of Windows 11 a few months ago, Microsoft promised to simplify the settings of its operating system. If everything is not finalized yet with the release of Windows 11, the US company is filtering out updates for its new OS, with minor improvements in this direction.

The latest Windows 11 update for Insiders is no exception, and takes it one step further with a view to making settings easier, bringing the once-nerve-wracking control panel of Windows even closer to its grave.

Update History menu Microsoft has moved the menu to uninstall updates from the Control Panel to integrate them directly into the settings within the included Windows Update. In addition, links to programs and features, which until now were an integral part of the Control Panel, now open directly to the Settings> Applications> Installed Applications page. Also new, advanced network systems have been moved. Settings also drop the Control Panel to integrate the application directly.

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Simplifying settings, a ten year old story

Unfortunately, optimizing Windows settings is a long process for Microsoft. Since the release of Windows 8 in 2012, the US company has moved away from the Control Panel and introduced an independent systems application. However, for the proper functioning of some components derived from older versions of Windows and OS, it was necessary to have the Microsoft Control Panel. For years, users have been forced to configure the OS to suit their needs, as well as the settings and utility used. With the advent of Windows 10, improvements were made, but the Control Panel was essential for accessing certain operating system settings.

With Windows 11, Microsoft has promised to deliver. Continuous attempt to change settings from Control Panel to Settings utility “The team responsible for the development of Windows 11 has reached the point where they can reach their goal even before the release of Windows 12.

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