Collective bargaining: Economic talks in January only

Collective bargaining: Economic talks in January only

We have been working at MLB for two weeks and nothing has changed. Why? Because informants in the case report little information. Looks like we’re really stuck between the players and the league, didn’t we?

We know players say they were given an opportunity without getting counter-concession in return, but that’s about it.

What does that mean? Does this mean that nothing happened? Not necessarily, no.

According to the best Evan Drellich at work Athletics, Some negotiations are underway between the two groups, and a round of talks is also on the menu today. His sources said he could not talk about the money as the files would be waiting in January.

There are more than thirty points to negotiate everywhere, which means it is not mandatory to start directly with economic files.

Why January? Maybe because the holidays are coming soon? The temple is not only making room for ballots, we will tell ourselves.

But really, it’s mainly this time, no one is moving and everyone is getting a little stuck in their ideas. In January, however, time has passed and training camp will be closer. A certain sense of urgency will act in an attempt to save matches.

So don’t breathe: Guys will not sign at any time. It will be a long time yet.

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