Zion Williamson aux Pelicans

All Hobbs Comparison for Zion Williamson

Zion Williamson, who has long been injured, will return to court in 2022. Should we worry? A former coach was keen to maintain confidence with a good comparison.

As the Pelicans have been struggling this season, the ownership is due to be drafted in a few months. Brandon Ingram failed to take the team Zion Williamson She faces a lot of problems in healing her feet. The latter is late, and an injection is needed to expedite all this.

Including Colossus one more month Weight is still a matter of debate. Does this explain his injuries? Suppose it does not help his physical condition. Bells fans are very worried about the future, though one manager tried to reassure everyone a little.

Joel Empide, the reason for believing in Zion?

Stan von Kundi, the former coach of New Orleans precisely, returned to the Zion soap opera. He recalled that another star had a lot of worries early in his career: Joel Empide spent two full seasons in hospital after his draft before making his debut in Pennsylvania.

Zion Williamson has missed several games in his first 3 seasons in the NBA. He is an incredible talent and one of the most interesting players in this league. But we must take a step back. He played almost 3 times more games than he did playing Empide in his first 3 years.

Zion have played 85 games in the NBA so far, against Embiet 31 after three campaigns. The latter had major leg problems, forcing him to spend two full seasons sideways. Although the matter of the two is different, there is a reason for Williamson’s belief.

After all, for Zion, it was probably a weight issue that was making his health worse. It should also be noted that Embiat is not a model of arrival because he has never played more than 64 games in a campaign, often frolicking with 50 points. Yes, the pelican can jump back, but you have to. That begs the question.

Zion Williamson and Joel Empide? This is proof that there can be no beginning of a business The sequel did not close. For the sequel we know, we can also cite Steff Curry and his ankle problems. So expect a similar curriculum for the New Orleans player.

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