148 million euros were raised this week by French start-ups

148 million euros were raised this week by French start-ups

As part of this weekly fundraising review, Madness Lists all activities announced by France-headquartered start-ups. Only companies ten years of age or younger will appear if all departments of the process are qualified.

Other Financial News

Ready Education receives Opsco. The American company, in the guise of a mobile student engagement site, gets its hands on – for an undisclosed amount – French start-up, which offers a dedicated mobile app for students that centralizes all of the company’s services and content on mobile. The new company intends to include 110 employees “Bring teams together to accelerate their development program, deliver the most comprehensive products and services to client companies and ensure its position as a world leader in the mobile student experience.” . For information, Ready Education specializes in mobile complexes in early 2021 with two Etech companies, the British company Colopco and the Dutch start-up Stockholm.

Nike receives RTFKT. The Sporting Goods brand gets its hands on – for an undisclosed amount – initially, co-founded in the United States by a Frenchman: Benoit Pacoto. The latter, which raised $ 8 million in May 2021, designs limited edition virtual ready-to-wear items in the form of certified NFTs on blockchain. Nike hopes to grow its popularity in digital matters. “This acquisition allows us to serve athletes and creators at the crossroads of sports, creativity, games and culture. Our plan is to expand Nike’s digital footprint and RTFKT community. CEO John Tonaho said in a statement.

Spantale raises $ 1.2 million. The startup, which looks like a blockchain-based sports sponsorship site, launched a flash sale of its AEL token and succeeded in raising this amount in five days through two rounds of investments made in the Tozex.io cryptocurrency financial platform. Founded by Olympic swimming champion Amaury Leveaux, the company uses sponsorship crowdfunding and connects athletes and sponsors, while providing direct access to donations and sponsorships for fans. It intends to launch the first version of its application in the first half of 2022, before holding talks aimed at collaborating with various clubs and athletes.

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