Yellow alert forecast for strong waves in the country

Yellow alert forecast for strong waves in the country
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National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (Inameh) This Thursday, December 16th, strong waves were forecast for the coastal and coastal areas of the country.

Strong waves

This was reported through his social networks, in which he published a map with forecasts for each region of the coast.

In general, it is predicted that Douglas will swell in the “thick” section of the ocean scale. This line represents waves between 2.5 and 4 meters high and is the lowest type of yellow alert.

Forecasts for this category include the Orinoco Delta, the Insular Area (Islands), the West Literal and the Gulf of Venezuela. In all these cases, waves up to 2.5 meters are expected, the Hydrology and Meteorological Institute explained.

Meanwhile, for the rest of the country’s coastline, the central coast, the Inameh type expects “strong swelling” waves, including waves up to 1.5 meters.


Onameh, on the other hand, pointed out that rain is expected in Julia, the Amazonas and Eskigo this Thursday afternoon, while other parts of the country will be partly cloudy and some cloudy in the central region.

This Thursday morning, it rained in the central states of Miranda, Aragua and Carabao.

Similarly, until December 17, the northeast trade winds will carry more moisture to the beaches, creating delta amaguro, northeast, insular area, central-northern coast, cloudy areas with scattered rain or drizzle in the east, Inameh added. Falcon State and Yaragui.

At the same time, the tropical integration zone forms cloudy with precipitation and eventually power outages in the Amazonas, Bolivar and Eskibo region.

“Scattered rain or showers with electrical activity in Julia and the Andes are expected in some places,” he added.

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