System Security Violations | Major government sites returned to service

System Security Violations |  Major government sites returned to service

(Quebec) Major government sites are back online, and 473 are still being analyzed, Minister of Cyber ​​Security and Digital Eric Khair confirmed on Wednesday. Studies so far have not shown any infiltration or cyber attack against the government.

Fanny Levesque

Fanny Levesque

Eric Khair, the new Minister of Cyber ​​Security and Digital, on Wednesday reviewed the blocking closure of 3,992 government sites and services on Sunday, following the discovery of a major security flaw affecting servers around the world.

A total of 1,044 sites were brought back online after the investigation, and 473 are still being analyzed. The other 2475 sites targeted by block closure are being analyzed from priority sites to less important sites. Eventually, it is said that they will all be examined.

“Major sites are back in operation, albeit Qué [Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec], From Revenu Québec or Hydro-Québec, […] Therefore, the main sites used by Cubes are in operation, ”Cairo assured. He confirms that the analyzes conducted so far have not shown any signs of infiltration or data theft.

The “Log4Shell” flaw has been found in computer systems around the world. It allows a cyber hacker to run computer codes on companies’ servers and control their computer. Apache’s Java library, which is widely used around the world, has been affected.

To “fix the bug”, you need to install the latest version of this library. “Then, you have to do a series of tests, because sometimes, by solving one problem, you introduce another. So we want to confirm this message. [bibliothèque-là] It only fixes the problem and does not lead to others, ”the minister told Cairo.

New function

The latter became the Minister of Cyber ​​Security and Digital. He will take over the chairmanship of this new ministry, the creation of which was unanimously approved by Bill 6 by the National Assembly in early December.

Minister Cairo was until then the Minister for Government Digital Transformation. “Cyber ​​security is now becoming a state issue,” he said Wednesday.

Its role as a result of the adoption of Bill 95 is to “incorporate” new powers, which will accelerate the government’s digital transformation in June and strengthen cyber security. In addition, Minister Cairo hopes that Quebec’s response to Friday’s security breach report will be greatly enhanced by this legislative tool.

“I’m definite: if we do not have these two tools [lois 6 et 95] Over the weekend, it became clear that we were still thinking about what we were doing, ”he ruled.

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