Something went wrong in North America

Something went wrong in North America

Wednesday, December 15, 2021 at 7:15 pm – A historic December in North America unfolds before our eyes. An extraordinary atmospheric system causes conflicts over a large part of the continent, including Quebec.

In short:

  • Historic warming in North America;
  • Posts to see on Thursday;
  • + 20 C anomalies in some areas;
  • Quebec was affected by this recovery.

Thermal dome

A strong ridge hangs over North America due to favorable high winds. The atmospheric system allows abnormal temperatures to rise in Canada. In the United States, records were shattered last week, especially in North Dakota and Montana. The ridge is moving east, and unusually hot temperatures are forecast for the central and southern states, including Texas.

Tenderness Contradiction (1)

Also note that the water temperature in the Gulf of Mexico is unusually hot. Temperatures above 20 C are expected in some places.

Exceptional order

This exceptional heat will return to Quebec over the weekend. A system that emits hot and humid air from the south to our areas. The extreme south of the province is expected to reach 15 C. Seasonal temperatures are expected to begin again next weekend. Meanwhile, daily records can be broken, especially on Thursdays in Montreal.

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Posts to see

In 2021, one can beat the mark: maximum 10 ° C or more days. The 220-day record since 1953 has already been equaled. A maximum of 12 C is expected in Montreal on Thursday.

Record sweet 10 degrees

Many cities in Quebec may break the daily record for December 16th. In Montreal, it was 10.2 C in 1992. Quebec, Catino, Wall-d’Or and Sherbrook are due to be seen on Thursday.

Sweetness posts

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