Lucid Games works on a critical PlayStation IP’s Triple A, new console –

Lucid Games works on a critical PlayStation IP's Triple A, new console -

Clear games, Works for Destruction Allstars’ software house, Triple A PS5, Belonging toImportant intellectual property PlayStation. At the very least you get from the developer’s LinkedIn profile, Drew Williams-Rostron, Who worked for one year and three months “Technical game designer on the unannounced first-party primary AAA IP for the PlayStation 5“Inside Lucid Games.

Naturally everyone immediately pointed their finger at a new twisted metal in which many voices have accumulated in recent times, and it seems to have been handed down to lucid games. After all, what is the best studio to create it with its latest title?

Definitely do not take this Information A confirmation, but the fact that it was found on the developer resume gives some more relevance. We are also waiting for Sony to announce the game.

For the rest, while waiting to learn more, Destruction may try to offer the Allstars another chance, which disappeared from radar a few weeks after launch (probably the specified and complete PS5 exclusive).

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