Kevin Durant Releases Target Cash Report!

Not a big fan of the media, Kevin Durant dealt harshly with Skip Palace, the latter praising him in detail. Recently. However, Winger was expecting a response from the latter with an unmistakable tweet… Clearly, he no longer wants to talk about him on Fox Sports!

Already four times the best goal scorer in the league in his career, Kevin Durand Is on track to do it for the fifth time this season. The Nets Superstar currently tops the NBA Rankings with 29.6 points per game. Add about eight rebounds and six assists and Brooklyn (20-8, 1st in the East) record, you’re surprisingly a great candidate for MVP.

Recently, Skip Palace took the opportunity to announce him as the best player in the world, especially before a LeBron James. Gold, n ° 7 violently crashed the analyst on Twitter, Stay away from her words. Instead of slipping, the Fox Sports veteran put it back on during the show There is no denying. He compared Slim Reaper’s communication strategy with Michael Jordan!

Skip Palace responds to harsh tweets by Kevin Durant

I looked at this the first time and laughed, then smiled again. This is not the first time he has done this to me, but I’m not going to take the bait. He can be different off the field, especially on social media, he is the best on the field. His strategy is Jordanian, and I dare say it because Jordan has always been fighting newcomers with other players.

Apparently, the reporter wants to ignore the fact that Durandula has vehemently denied him, perhaps this is not the first time. Nonetheless, interestingly, the player released a pretty provocative tweet while the show was taking place. Baileys has already announced that he wants to respond, and Durant’s message says a lot about what he thinks about it:

I know I have to be loved, but I will be hated.

Skip Palace can say whatever he wants, he will never go on vacation with Kevin Durant. The latter is in no case the type to strike reason with journalists, even those who respect him.

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