Juicy Smolt’s black judge finds suspicious behavior in trial: “It didn’t work”

Juicy Smolt's black judge finds suspicious behavior in trial: "It didn't work"

Who is the only black jury on the board Juicy Smolt was accused of lying to Chicago police He could not cope with what the actor failed to do after the attackers claimed to have put a rope around his neck: tear it up.

Andre Hope saw it as too much, though others saw it as Smolett’s bizarre attempt to portray his attackers as racist.

“As an African American, I never put that rope back on,” Andre Hope said Told WLS-TV. At trial, Smolet is a Democne After the January 2019 attack in the city of Chicago, he returned home and put a rope around his neck so that police who came to his apartment shortly after could see him.

To convince the authorities that he was the victim of a hate crime, Smolett was not the only black man in the United States who fought against the use of the powerful symbol of racism.

The only black jury member on Jesse Smolett’s panel has revealed that it is suspicious that he failed to untie the rope around his neck.
(AP Photo / Nam Y. Huh)

Terence Howard, Empire Co-Star of Jesse Smolette, says the hate crime cannon could turn “very scary”, “ugly”

In an interview with NewsNation after Smolet was convicted last Thursday, Now Eddie Johnson – The former Chicago Superintendent of Police in January 2019, when Smolet said he was assaulted – said the same thing.

“I’m worried a lot of black people in the U.S. will not have a rope around their neck, they will not remove it immediately,” Johnson said.

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He said the evidence against Smolett was overwhelming. At trial, two brothers testified that Smolett had commissioned them to carry out a fake attack. Hope said The opposite story Smolett’s lawyers argue that it makes no sense that the couple actually planned the attack on Smolet.

Hope, a 63-year-old father of two who lives in the suburb of Belwood, west of Chicago, said: “If you use your common sense, yes, it does not add up.

Smolett was convicted of five of the six offenses.
(AP Photo / Cheryl Cook)

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Hope overheard lawyers claiming that Smolet staged the hoax because he was angry that the studio that filmed the “Empire” TV show did not take the hate news seriously. But after all the evidence has been submitted and all the witnesses have testified, there is still a big question of trust.

“I still haven’t figured out why he did it and why it should happen,” Hope said. “He’s a star.”

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Smolett faces up to three years in prison when he returns to court next year for the crime.

Smolett faces up to three years in prison when he returns to court next year for the crime.
(AP Photo / Nam Y. Huh)

Smolett faces up to three years in prison when he returns to court next year for the crime. But experts say he is more likely to be placed on probation and ordered to do community service.

It applies to Hope who thinks Smolet deserves to go to jail. Moreover, he hopes that the actor who testifies that he lost his livelihood will get a chance to start his life again.

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