Gemini: The stars peak in December this week

Gemini: The stars peak in December this week

The strongest meteor shower of the year can be seen in December: Geminites. They are considered particularly interesting – for stargazers their appearance is a real sight.

Germany – The Geminites returned to the night sky on December 4th. But if you want to experience a real scene, it is better to wait a few more days. When you look closely at the shooting stars, you know RUHR24*.

From your ship Meteorstrom
The beginning December 4
Max December 14

Scenes of shooting stars: Geminits their climax

One of the most beautiful shooting stars of the year can be seen for about two weeks (until December 17). Meteor showers are active with increasing fall rates every day, reports say

The leader explained that the peak of the current is expected from the night of December 13 to 14. Star Friends Association, Sven Melchert, The German Press Company (dpa) That night, 150 shooting stars flew in the sky.

Geminits attracts star lovers every year. (Icon)

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Heavenly view in December – Geminits know particularly well

We can not expect such clear rain in Germany. Andreas Schmidt, scientific director of the Stellarium Erkrat planetarium (North Rhine-Westphalia), explains. dpa, He estimates that about 30 to 40 stars will fall in an hour. You have good opportunities in the country. Because in cities that are brightly lit at night, the expert considers that at most you can see bright falling stars.

For star fans, however, the expected amount should already cause excitement. In addition, Geminites are noisy dpaReported significantly slower than other meteor currents For example, Perseids in August*, So very easy to see.

Shoot the stars in the night sky – this is a great time for visitors

Basically, you can watch this show from around 9pm on December 14th. Since the crescent moon does not set until three o’clock, it explains that the best time to take impressive pictures is early morning. Star Friends Association.

As The point where the stars erupt reaches its highest point at two in the morning in the south – when the moon is already very low. This is a great time to see many shooting stars.

When observed, of course, it depends on the right direction of view: the confederation of star friends louder dpa Explains that in the evening you can see shooting stars in the east, then in the south at night and in the morning in the northwest.

A scene in the night sky – shooting stars are visible for a long time

Unlike other clusters, you do not have to reach the climax, explains Even after that, visitors can capture good moments. Because the high fall rate of Geminites lasted almost a day. Shooting stars can still be seen the night before – albeit low brightness.

In order not to obscure the view of the Geminites, of course you have to do Weather* Play together – it will only be visible in the days leading up to December 13th. Weather websites such as Provide special star weather maps that can be used by those interested in learning more.

According to NTVGeminites is reported to be penetrating the atmosphere at a speed of 35 kilometers per second – that is, at a speed of 126,000 kilometers per hour. As their name implies, they emerge from the Gemini galaxy. *Is part of RUHR24’s editorial network IPPEN.MEDIA.

Title List Image: © Stan Honda / afp

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