EuroCup: Tango bends in London and makes life more complicated

Eurocoupe : les Tango se compliquent la vie en s

The Tangos have seriously complicated their lives by having one of the worst games of the season. Lacking rhythm and wasting a lot (losing 20 balls), the Ferreurs were pushed around by a team that gave them big problems on the rebound (37-26 for London players). It is valid from half time (40-34 for the British).

The third quarter was no better, but on a different record: without the point. Fortunately for Bourges Basket, its players tightened the game on defensive level, which led to a very ineffective quarter (9-9, 49-43). Without a player capable of physically competing with Isabelle Yacoubou, the Londoners would have suffered as he was on the ground in the middle of the fourth quarter.

When Tango had a 7-0 lead at the start of the second quarter, they took advantage of shots to advance (56-55, 36th). Without reaching it. Especially at the instigation of Kristen Mann and Isabelle Yacoubou, Tango again gave themselves the right to believe it at the end of the match.

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Have three seconds to find the shot for victory. Sarah Michael took it, on the bus, far away and in a very complicated situation, and missed it. Olivier Lafargue’s players must continue their adventure in this EuroCup to win in Prado next Wednesday, hoping they will win.

Ludovic oregano

Player: Johanna Leedam

The former captain of the Bourges Basket would have hurt his former club greatly. Britain was at the center of the London Lions game. At the same time very aggressively in defense, in the presence of the rebound (8), without hesitation to lift the ball and spin it (4 assists), she was able to hit (16 points). In short, a complete service.

State: 11

Tango’s unbeaten beautiful series, all matches, were stopped in London this Wednesday evening. The Bourges Basket players had eleven consecutive wins. Leaders of the Women’s League will have a big challenge for them on Saturday (63-110) with a trip to Hade’s Turks’ biggest winner, Leon-Aswell.


London Lions – Tango Borges Basket: 65-64. Quarters: 14-17, 26-17 (half time: 40-34), 9-9, 16-21. Referees: MM. Djokovic (Croatia), Torres Sanchez (Spain) and Persiavalle (Italy).

London Lions: Beckford-Norton 13, Laviner, Winterburn 11, Charles 12, Leonard 2, Robinson-Miller 2, McDermont, Ume, Lead 16, Stewart 9. Coach: Mark Roy Clark, Olenrowaju Demitob Allie and David Laviner.

Forges: Eldebrink 8, Yacoubou 17, Miyem 2, Rupert 0, Michel 6, Astier 6, Guapo 5, Hampton 8, Godin 0, Mann 12. Coach: Olivier Lafargue, Jérôme Authier and Virgile Abel.

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