Disney +: Will “The Goonies” movie series be changed soon?

Disney +: Will "The Goonies" movie series be changed soon?

The American site Variety reports that Disney + will be the only daytime series inspired by the universe of the movie “Les Cones”.

The project was carried out by screenwriter Sarah Watson (Parenthood, Pure Genius), who directed a pilot, which was eventually rejected by the American channel FOX. Disney + Streaming has revived the series, which pays homage to the famous film directed by Richard Toner, who died last July in the 1980s.

According to the first elements published by Variety, The series will continue the story of a girl named Stella Cooper, who returns to her hometown to become a teacher. It was there that he decided to help three students who wanted to create an intensely faithful remake of their favorite film, Les Cones. It will be produced by production companies Amblin and The Toner, and will air on Disney + on an unknown date.

“We have nothing on Disney + yet. Thanks to a great story, a great driver, a great series, this is another example of our ability to create a curriculum that is nothing. It took a while for the deal to come, but we’re very excited to move forward, ”said Clancy Collins White, development head of Warner Bros. TV in a press release.

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