Chris Bryant is unlikely to return to San Francisco

Chris Bryant is unlikely to return to San Francisco

When the Giants negotiated to acquire Chris Bryant at the last trading deadline, many saw it as a sign of Cape Coupler’s squad. All inside For 2021. Although he showed great play in the first half of the season in 2021, he did not have a consistent star and Bryant had to play that role.

In the end, Bryant didn’t break everything right Bay area, But he was not naughty either. He showed a satisfying attacking game and was able to go to the outfield.

Sending him to the center on a regular basis may not be a good idea, but he can help, which is a nice bonus.

But despite all that, the chances of seeing him in San Francisco seem slim. In fact, Farhan Zaidi is less likely to sign on to a better free agent (he obviously needs a bigger deal)

We suspected that the Giants were going to send the parade through a short stop because of Brandon Crawford’s performances, but after that they didn’t seem to be racing for anyone. They had the services of their rotation (except for Kevin Cosman and Johnny Kyoto), but Buster Posey’s contract was not in the books, and had to spend money.

Still, we do not want to spend a lot in San Francisco.

Can someone like Michael Confordo or Xia Suzuki land in California? Chances are high for that. The Giants need a center fielder, and these two can fill that space. Again, in a better world, they would be on the right, but they could go to the center.

Otherwise, we might even see giants tapping their trusted bank to get a Kettle Marte or Cedric Mulins. They cost less in dollars, but more in confidence.

So, let’s see what the giants have in store for us at the end of the labor dispute, but for now, we feel that Bryant’s return with the current champions of the West Americans is not that high. Is believed.

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