Being in shared custody can be very difficult for players

Being in shared custody can be very difficult for players

In recent years, shared custody between Tampa Bay and Montreal has become an increasingly credible option. In fact, there is no rich team on the race tour, and St. Petersburg can be a problem and a short-term solution for everyone in shared custody in Montreal.

On paper, if the option seems attractive, it is not necessary for these guard-affected players.

Talk to Brad Wilkerson, who was part of the 2003 Expo in Montreal and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

I’m a pro because I have to return to Expos, but I’m not going to lie, it’s very difficult in a player’s view. There are different places to stay, stay in the hotel and travel.

Brad Wilkerson

It’s so hard to hug the body so much. I see it that way, although I believe baseball is coming back to Montreal, I have to admit that it can be hard both physically and mentally.

Brad Wilkerson

It will be interesting to see if this project finally takes place because over the last few days, the file has grown so much.

It is true that San Juan is a little further south of Tampa Bay and the journey between Florida and Quebec will be shorter, but players will travel a lot. It doesn’t have to be the best in the race for the playoffs.

Also, it happened in 2003: the Expos were in a heated battle at the playoffs and they traveled a lot (mostly).

Wilkerson is still eager to return to the Montreal baseball team MLB.

I will always say that Montreal is a beautiful city and it is a place where you like baseball. The 1994 strike and all, it was never possible to fully recover from it, but I hope Montreal is back now. Hope the team recovers soon.

Brad Wilkerson

He just doesn’t think so.

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