We expect to reach agreements with the IAEA soon

We expect to reach agreements with the IAEA soon

A spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry said today (Tuesday) that differences between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency have been significantly reduced. A spokesman said talks between Tehran and the organization had recently led to significant progress. He said that soon, agreements between the parties could be announced.

The current talks between Iran and Britain, France, Germany, China and Russia, two of the major powers that have yet to sign the 2015 nuclear deal, began about two weeks ago. Iran has made it clear from the first day of talks that it will return to the agreement only in exchange for the removal of all international sanctions. Among other things, the question of oversight of Iran’s nuclear facilities by the IAEA was discussed during the talks.

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Last month, a few days before the start Current call circuit, I.A.E.A. Increase oversight of Burdock’s nuclear plant, In joint action with Iran. “The agency has decided to increase the frequency of audits, Iran has agreed,” an internal statement said. “The company will continue to discuss Iran’s arrangements to allow this operation.”

Meanwhile, the French ambassador to the UN tonight addressed the nuclear talks in Vienna. “But ambassador Nicolas de Riviera said, ‘But rapid progress with Iran’s nuclear ambitions will lead us to the end of this path.’

Ali Gani, Iran's envoy to Vienna for talks earlier this month
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On Tuesday, the foreign ministers of the G7, an organization of industrialized nations, called on Iran to make concessions to save the nuclear talks.. British Foreign Secretary Liz Tras told Iran that there was still time to defend the 2015 nuclear deal. However, he warned Tehran that this would be the last chance for his negotiating team to make serious proposals in negotiations with the authorities in Vienna.

There must be agreement on the terms of the nuclear deal, which is Iran’s last chance to come to the negotiating table with a radical solution to the problem, “Tross said. . “In recent days we see that we are not making progress.”


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