Découvrez le premier mag de Futura. © Futura

There are only 3 days left to attend the Mag Futura launch event!

Futura publishes its paper magazine 🙂 and the rest 3 days Support the project! An exhilarating adventure and challenge that the whole team is taking on. You can participate in the center of this wonderful project: Promoting science accessible to all. Discover the project and live the science.

20 years after the birth of the Internet, Futura continues its adventures and its growth. Paper magazine publication, First of its kind. As always with our cardinal values, the entire editorial board faces a major challenge facing it. Popular science accessible to all And severe ankle to body (and heart).

Why start a paper magazine?

Futura likes Go further With the creation of this new magazine, this is a first step for us in the world Clipboard (A The big challenge If you know the difficulties this sector faces for Futura). Different from the magazine on Website This ambitious magazine wants you to get used to reading Establish long thinking time.

Our Compass:

  1. To surprise,
  2. Encryption,
  3. Content,
  4. s’engager.

Like the latest Health crisis Whose scientific discourse is often obscured (still exists). Clouds Observers and conspirators, it is important for us to provide for everyone The keys to understanding our changing world And saturated with information.

Our scientific journalists have explored four contemporary questions through interviews, studies and reports with experts. Four files In four different areas: space, planet, health and technology you can quickly discover. The idea is to provide a great readership to immerse themselves in the heart of crucial science subjects in understanding time, from neophytes to enthusiasts.

Ready to launch Mac Futura? There are still 3 days to support the project

To succeed in this adventure, Futura needs you. We call you ambassadors of the project, in other words ambassadors of science. You will not find No advertising on Mag Futura. We have designed Mag as a project funded by its readers to guarantee its future and its editorial freedom. Opportunity for you Engage in the heart of the Mac In the coming weeks.

Our visit Special page on the Ulule crowdfunding site Participate in its release. The Rocket Possible and it is yours to take.

Thank you in advance for your support of everyone and for sharing this project with your relatives (family, friends, organizations, associations …).

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