Mike Tomlin (Steelers): “Chase Claypool should mature”

Mike Tomlin (Steelers): "Chase Claypool should mature"

The latter is spoken of for false reasons.

Negotiating for new players coming into the second year will be difficult, and Chase is not a claypool. An event of last season, the Steelers receiver has somewhat disappeared from the radar this year. And he never appeared again for the right reasons.

On Sunday, the former Notre Dame piled up the most accurate statistic sheet: 9 goals and 8 receptions in 93 yards. If he hadn’t hit Touchdown and remained in 1st place this season (against 10 last year), Claypool would have paid more for his team. At the last minute, a short reception allowed him to drop his team first. What the receiver celebrated was when his team did not have much time, before giving up when handing the ball to the referee.

In the end, the Steelers lost 17 seconds in the game and lost to Minnesota (36-28). Added was a personal penalty for disabling the first drive of the match. After that, the receiver criticized one of his teammates for dropping the ball instead of admitting his mistake.

Is too much, and Mike Tomlin did not hide it at a press conference.

“It simply came to our notice then. A young man who has matured and grown in many ways. It can’t be too fast for him and us. He has to die and grow, ”said the Steelers coach.

Two weeks ago, the receiver asked him for music and fun during his group training. In fact, it’s about growing up.

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