Lons-le-Saunier and McDonald’s sign anti-waste agreement

McDonald's public rubbish will soon be a thing of the past.
McDonald’s public rubbish will soon be a thing of the past. (© Joffrey Fodimby)

During the restaurant McDonald in Lons-le-Saunier And signed by the municipality Wednesday, December 15, 2021 Agreement on Garbage collection, Which is a measure of double interest.

According to the fast food company, this is a communications measure that will allow it to enhance its image in relation to the National Waste Reduction Policy; For the city, an employee will take care of cleaning its sidewalks at no cost to the municipality.

If this kind of partnership already exists Was in town ten years ago, At the request of the mayor, was renewed, for three years. Jean-Yves Rivier, Who is in direct contact Bruno Baiz, Director of two restaurants at Lédonien McDonald’s Toll And it Champagnol.

The latter further explains, “For ten years, McDonald’s has moved closerAssociation of Mayors of France Accept the request of the municipalities and set up such a conference. With the mayor, we established several departments, where ours Environmental Patrol is 100% dedicated to this mission And We pay ourselves fully, Turns out Five days a week With an electric bike equipped with a trash can to collect waste. And not only what is in our company, but all types of waste, can be linked to the services of the downhall and report bulky items that it may encounter. “

Five ways have been identified

Monday: avenue Aristide Briand; Park des Paines; Municipal Stadium; Skate Park; Jean-Michel Basin; Station front
Tuesday: boulevard Jules Ferry; Course Sally; Hospital; Liberty Square; Avenue Aristide Pride; Station front
Wednesday: Skate Park; Jean-Michel Basin; மாண்ட்சீல்; Boulevard Jules Ferry; Station front
Thursday: Venue de la Liberte; கடை வீதி; Well salted; Park des Paines; Station front
Friday: Jurapark; Course Sally; Rouget de Lisle College; rue Saint Désiré; Station front

1 toThere is February 2022

For his part, the mayor of Lons-le-Saunier would have been indebted to him by this agreement. The structure of the bins should be reviewed In the city, and to replace it if necessary, or to add new bins in places where the dumping of waste in public places is constantly observed.

And both must also be kept in place Educational communication activities Designed for customers and residents to reduce waste deposits on public roads.

After recruitment and training by the company, this new eco patrol boat will begin its tours in the colors of the American company. 1There is February 2022.

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