Australia breaks this century’s agreement: What’s the future of Hughes House?

The Hughes House, an Australian building on the Naval Command site in Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, which opened in October 2017, will be vacant in the coming weeks. (© La Presse de la Manche)

This A piece of Australia, Looks like it was made before Codeine. A site is open International Zone From the site Cherbourg (Some) From Navy Team, On top of that Intermediate of wolves. The logo on the front features two smiling golden dolphins, as well as a crown, the colors of the Australian flag.

Launched in October 2017 by Prime Minister of Australia At that time, Malcolm Turnbull and Florence Barley, The Minister of the French Armed Forces, தி Hughes House The vacancy starts a few weeks after the announcement From Violation of the “Agreement of the Century”, This is Australia and TheFrench businessman Navy Team For the manufacture of twelve submarines.

Departures will stumble

What is this building In a few months, when will the contract close? The Navy team wants to recover it from its site. The role is diplomatic And because it can be discussed at the highest levelAn Australian Enclave, Built and funded by the Commonwealth of Nations and protected by its secret services.

This is an alien building, you have to show your white foot to enter there. Passports are requested there, and communications are encrypted. A few years ago Australian Ambassador to France Brendan Bern briefly described it as “a place that cannot be diplomatically violated”.

Working days began at dawn to work with antibodies (similar to 9 hours of jet lag) and to adapt to the time zone of the Australian capital, Canberra. Hughes House was built to accommodate 150 people. The announcement of the end of the contract came as a shock to Australian employees who were well-established with their families in the Code.

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Dozens of families have been affected

These Australians, who are in Cherbourg on behalf of the Commonwealth of Australia, have not yet left. The deal is not over yet because the deal exists Job closure To achieve. Departures should spread over a few months.

There are some Personal reasons : Children, houses … if the end of the year and the School holidays To mark a significant start time, the streak should be extended to a minimum End of the first quarter of 2022.

For dozens of families on both sides of the globe, this deal is the adventure of a lifetime. Also, in the middle Australian staff Some members of the Navy want to stay in France. The question of Reclassification In national agreements, however, it appears to be particularly complex.

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