The trailer is a talent in solid gold: an action comedy starring Nicholas Cage ... Nicholas Cage!  - cinema News

The trailer is a talent in solid gold: an action comedy starring Nicholas Cage … Nicholas Cage! – cinema News

Gilhermiers Marine

Gilhermiers Marine


Marine has the most select flavors of the big and small screen enthusiasts and cast. Nevertheless, he has a passion for American cinema and swallows everything that comes his way, from the biggest blockbuster to the smallest independent film.

Nicholas Cage can shoot a lot, some of his films have been released in theaters recently. An honor will be given to a genius in solid gold, a film in which he plays himself and its first films have now been released.

Did Nicholas Cage finish the video directly? Nothing is certain, but let’s take a look at his last film, Big, which was not only released in theaters, but also appeared in competition at the Duville American Film Festival last September.

The actor was first announced in the cast of a major studio film after a long hiatus: from Universal to Renfield, in which he played none other than Dracula. But that’s not all, his other weird project will be released in cinema: a talent in Tom Gormigan’s solid gold is expected on April 20, 2022 in France.

In this movie, you can see the supercharged trailer above, Nicholas Cage is playing Nicholas Cage! A indebted actor, waiting for the big role to start his life again. To repay a portion of his debts, his agent (Neil Patrick Harris) offers to go to the birthday party of a dangerous millionaire (Petro Pascal) who has become his biggest fan.

But staying put when the CIA contacts him and tells him to investigate his host’s criminal activities takes a completely different turn. Nicholas Cage has to play the role of his life and prove that he lives according to his own myth.

True than nature

The film, which seems to lack humor, should also feature the young version of the actor making fun of him for his career choices. So, a complete meta-story that echoes the real life of the star who was at its peak in the 90s, now combines nanordesk thrillers and action movies at frantic pace when it comes to dealing with debt.

Also cast, Tiffany Haddish and Ike Barinholtz remind the audience of some of Nick Cage’s great successes in Volta / Face Ax Isles d’Linfer. Will a solid gold talent join this list? Judgment on April 20 is yours.

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