He dreams of a successful combination and pocketed 3 million euros in the lottery

He dreams of a successful combination and pocketed 3 million euros in the lottery

A sacred prophetic dream. On December 6, a resident of a suburb of Adelaide in South Australia won AU $ 4.8 million, or About 3 million euros, In the lottery, after seeing the winning numbers in sleep.

“It’s hard to believe, but a few years ago, I dreamed of playing some numbers and winning. I have only been using these ever since Every once in a while “, he explained to the unidentified man Newsweek, Published the information Stone slab. The man who plays every week, then had to be patient, but “everything will be fine for someone who knows how to wait” revelation says.

“When I was thinking about my ticket I was shopping and I went to scan it, but because the amount was not shown, I thought I won some money.Friday Is important “, he explained who will get now $ 20,000 per month for twenty years From The Lot, the Australian lottery.

If there is no big change in the life of the lucky one Family At the moment, the Australian is seeing some more improvements. “I still work, even with my wife, but now We can slow down He said he enjoys “helping his children financially” and enjoying life, even if he retires.

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