Football: Philipe Boutron, President of the US Orléans, disappointed with the results and some behavior

Football : Philippe Boutron, président de l

The National Championship retires until January 7, 2022. Opportunity to participate with US Orléans President Philippe Boutron after the seldom-shining first half of the championship.

“I firmly believe in our ability”

How do you feel after the first part of the season?

“It was a huge disappointment. We had other ambitions by hitting this championship. Our balance sheet did not live up to our expectations. Luckily, moreover, we won at Bourg-en-Bresse on Friday!

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What is your analysis of the situation?

“It’s very paradoxical because I’m so confident about our ability. During the first part of the championship, No team has outdone or mistreated us. Facing the first five places, we have a positive result, we won at Laval and Battle, we drew against Concornio and Annecy, we lost only at Wilfrand, ten against eleven. Also, we are not much spoiled by some facts of the game, exclusions or severe penalties. But it’s very easy to find the cause. “

“Not as expected”

How would you describe this mediocre first part of the championship?

“I’m very disappointed with the recruitment and contribution of some of the players. Clearly, they are not up to expectations in terms of the game, and seriously, in terms of their mood. Real disappointment.”

“Some believe they will still shine individually. They did not join the joint project.”

Are you directly questioning the recruitment?

“Simply put, I see. Take our Coupe de France match and elimination (in the Podiers, N3). How can we show enough in a match that could have saved our season somewhat?” Some behaviors, some attitudes are unacceptable to me. Some people think they don’t. Fortunately, these are only isolated cases, but it disrupts the collective plan.

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“We’m not going to stack players.”

Under these conditions, do you plan to make any changes during the transfer window?

“We’ll find solutions, but we’re not going to mobilize players. Above all, we need a common awareness.”

The pay bill is overseen by the National Directorate of Control and Management (DNCG). So departures are necessary for arrivals to be …

“No, not necessarily. We have a little more way.”

Do you also support Xavier Colin as a coach?

“Of course. He is someone I respect very much, a very healthy and honest person, which is rare in this field. You know, he suffers first with these results.”

Philip Potron (President of Orleans, USA)

Obviously, do you still have the confidence to return to the top of the rankings?

“If we win the last first leg, we have 20 points in the half. We had 23 points last season. So despite the hope we have a big flaw. Then you have to sit on the floor and look back. “

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