Cedric Crolet arrives in London with his flower cakes and Trump-L’Oil fruit

Cédric Grolet dirige la pâtisserie du Meurice depuis 2012 et a ouvert son propre lieu avenue de l'Opéra fin 2019.

The star pastry chef opens his first boutique and tea room overseas: he will move to a luxury hotel called Berkeley in Nightsbridge in early 2022.

I met on one occasion two years ago Opening ceremony of his first solo boutique, Avenue de L’Opera, Cédric Grolet hopes to open other addresses “Among the most beautiful capitals of the world”. This is being done now as the star pastry chef, who was invented by Alain Ducas in 2012 for Maurice, is getting ready to cross the channel.

In the first quarter of 2022, he will move to 5-star The Berkeley, which is owned by the Maybourne Group in Knightsbridge, London.

Cedric Crolette London Boutique Remy Desire

At the edge of Hyde Park, the “Cedric Crowlet at the Berkeley” store, commissioned by Remy Dessier, will for the first time unite the two worlds of the pastry chef with over 2 million subscribers on Instagram: Carved Fruits. Later, reserved for Maurice and Flowers, its range was launched at the Avenue de l’Opera.

Pastries, pastries, tromb-l’Oil and “Lots of new stuff” On the 30-Something program, take it but taste it right on the spot at Berkeley Cafe. A tea room with 60 seats, where diners can opt for breakfast or afternoon tea packages.

Finally, the luxury hotel will deliver “Exceptional Experience” Tasting, by booking only: 8 seats only, in the middle of the lab, to attend to making cakes by pastry chefs.

Cedric Crolet Berkeley was hired as an assistant conductor at Nina Donokina, who has been collaborating with Johann Coron on the opera for more than a year.

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