A modular PC to deal with the climate crisis

To make its products more environmentally friendly, Dell imagines a computer so we can easily replace key components. This is Concept Luna, a modular PC designed for easy repair.

Dell Concept Luna

Dell Concept Luna // Source: Dell

Most of the pollution caused by electronic devices occurs during their manufacture, not during their use. Also, the best way to reduce the ecological impact of our high-tech consumption is to buy fewer products. Easy to say, but not always doable. Of course, if manufacturers do not turn to more durable and easily adjustable or replaceable products. This is the idea behind Dell’s Concept Luna.

More Ecology PC concept

With the world’s third brand of portable PCs, Dell is playing a key role at the environmental level and wants to reverse the problem. Just days before CES 2022, the US company delivers it Evidence for opinion Baptism “Comment Luna”, Designed by Intel. Comment? Make repairs much easier by allowing you to remove the screen of a keyboard or laptop PC without a small tool. Screws or glue do not hold these essential parts, but nested areas that can be removed by hand.

According to Dell, the PC has far fewer screws than a traditional PC, ten times less than another branded laptop. Removing only 4 screws provides access to the internal components.

Dell Concept to Moon

Dell Concept Luna de Dose // Source: Dell

In addition: The motherboard of this computer is now 75% smaller, reducing its carbon footprint by 50%, and is located at the top of the device, behind the screen. This allows for better heat distribution, eliminating the need for a fan.

All of these upgrades will make this system more efficient, thus requiring less power to operate, and allowing the battery to shrink for constant autonomy. However a point defined by screen consumption.

In the tradition of ARA and Fairphone

Luna, therefore, is compatible with other programs designed to be convenient for repair. Among these is Google’s Project ARA, a fully modular smartphone that has never seen the light of day, or more recently – and more realistically – Fairphone smartphones, designed to be repaired in person by the user.

Like Google’s Project ARA, we can easily build this PC, transforming only the screen or motherboard into a significant evolution without having to throw away or recycle the entire chassis. However, this is a preferred thought, which quickly shows its limitations, especially due to the arrangement and size of each element, which must be uniform to ensure compatibility with the rest of the elements.

We hope to see a little more at CES in January 2022, but keep in mind that this is only a comment and its marketing is not currently planned. By 2030 …

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