Roscosmos wants to provide tourist flights around the moon. But only after 2030

“After 30 years, we will begin to provide lunar orbits,” Toss quotes Rogozin.

These voyages are to be undertaken on the new Russian ships Orel. The first unmanned aerial vehicle of the spacecraft currently under construction is scheduled for the end of 2023.

Is the starship already in 2023?

At that time, i.e. in 2023, according to Musca’s plans, the big starship ship should be making its maiden voyage. His company is developing it to allow people to travel in deep space, including flights to the Moon and Mars. Musk wants the first drone of the starship prototype to orbit Earth soon, but the date is not yet certain.

Last December, Rogozin said Orl’s first manned spacecraft, orbiting the Earth’s natural orbit, was not yet with tourists, and was due to arrive in 2028.

TASS noted that the ship Eagle was being built as part of a Russian lunar project. The first launch without astronauts is scheduled for December 15, 2023, from the Vostosini space station. This aircraft has no landing site at the International Space Station (ISS). It will take place on the second flight next year, which will also be on the drone.

Russia returns to space tourism

Rogozin Roscosmos spoke about the purpose of providing cruises to the moon in connection with the departure of two Japanese tourists on Wednesday, December 8, to stay on the ISS for 12 days on the Soyuz MS-20.

One of them is billionaire Yusaku Mesawa, who has already recorded the spacecraft to orbit the moon on a starship ship in two years.

At the time the BBC News Agency reported on its Russian-language website that Russia was returning to space travel after a gap of more than a decade after Masawa’s flight, but was arranging it differently than Western companies had recently offered.

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