Ex-lockers who can come back and win

NBA Le drôle de 5 majeure de LA en fin de match

The Lakers have yet to fix and find some answers to their questions For Absolutely comes under the skin of the title favorites. What if Rob Bellinga decides to bring back a former member of the House?

Lockers are not there yet Russell Westbrook. In fact, Purple and Gold spent the summer in their favorite shoes and all the experts have already announced the final match between the 2020 champions and the Nets. But if the New York franchise had taken its place for the time being, the same could not be said of the men of Frank Vogel.

With 15 wins and 13 defeats, Los Angeles has a positive record. Winning against the cadres is essential to raising the bar and gaining full confidence and respect in the NBA microcosm. For that it is necessary to trust the stars, but also to trust the energy of the players leaving the bench.

Mac McClung G destroys everything in the league

And in this area, the former member of the House can do a lot of good … In fact, since he was released by the Lockers, the Mac McClung XXL sets and the rather astonishing progress of his time exploding everything in the G League. He distinguished himself last month A great match against Theo Malitan, Know that he continued at this pace, especially with 26 and 29 points in the last two games, especially 6 assists each time.

In 10 appearances with the South Bay Lockers this season, Mac McClung averaged 21.5 points, 5.7 assists and 3.2 rebounds, a testament to the immense progress he has made in creation, and in a very short period of time. After all, he is very skilled and efficient at shooting, which should not go unnoticed at the top level. What if he had his place in the NBA? If he continues like this, he will inevitably get the chance and he is the one to capture it.

If the Lockers are looking for a good leader outside of the season or playoffs, they will know that Mac McClung is ready to take his chance. The G League is so easy for him that he will not turn down the opportunity to prove himself in the NBA.

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