Chargers – Giants (37-21): Justin Herbert at the demonstration

Chargers - Giants (37-21): Justin Herbert at the demonstration

Los Angeles Chargers (8-5) – New York Giants (4-9): 37-21

Still losing Daniel Jones, the Mike Glenn-led Giants failed to keep up with the pace imposed by Los Angeles. With New York approaching the end of the game, the team never had the illusion.

Chargers are expanding and have no chance of protecting the opponent, but have been taking shape again in recent weeks. A great performer and author of some stratospheric throws, Justin Herbert (23/31, 275 yards, 3 touchdowns) impressed and quickly made his team out of reach.

Justin’s ballad

Combining piercing races and efficient aerial play, the Bolts quickly gained the upper hand. After the Punt transfer in the intro, the attack in Los Angeles led by Austin Eckler marched forward. Running again hits the first touchdown. In their next possession, Herbert invented Rookie Josh Palmer for a 12-yard touchdown.

A few seconds before returning to the locker room, Herbert speaks the power of his hand and stuns enemies. Young quarterback sends a 59-yard grenade into the hands of John Cayton

New York attack halted

If New York were to come first to respond with a full-back Elijah Penny to get a pass from Glenn, the G-Men would have great difficulty moving the chains with only 31 yards they gained in the following four possessions.

Returning to the locker room does not change anything. After 13 yards and a 4th attempt failure, then a stumble from Glenn after a sack by Joey Posa, the Giants were nailed to the match venue and spectators. Palmer continues to distribute the image of the new warship against Herbert.

Chargers take points on each possession. Two field goals followed by a new touchdown. Jared Cook is at the front desk. LA even offers the luxury of leaving Herbert on the bench at the end of the game. Chase Daniel raises his hand to finish the meeting.

The end of the game without participation will raise Glenn and the Giants. Two touchdowns and a closed onside kick recorded in the 4th quarter is not enough. New York woke up too late to dream.

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