Sebastien Tone looks back on the day the American actor entered his personal estate (video)

Sebastien Tone looks back on the day the American actor entered his personal estate (video)

This Sunday is December 12th Children of television, Sebastien returned to a row in 2013 when he entered into the personal property of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

For many years, Sebastien Tone Increases appearances on television and makes his first foray into Canal + by collaborating with Carl Zero for his show. The real magazine In the late 90s, and then for his show Good news magazine In 2002. Spicy and sharp, the comedian delivers several pastels on the small screen to entertain the audience. For many years, he collaborated, especially with Julian Casare The Grand Journal And accept leadershipPrudent action In 2006, a hidden camera show. The principle of the show is simple: each magazine is based on the use of the comic record around one of the hottest news of the week. In 2013, the teamsPrudent action With Sebastien Ton enters French property by helicopter to simulate the wedding of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Miravel. After filming scenes on their property, Canal + groups were arrested by Gendermary at the entrance to the garden.

A cult line

This Sunday, December 12, Laurent Ruquier presented a new issue TV kids On France 2 and Sebastien Tone Was specifically invited to discuss its media coverage. During the show, the presenter aired the footagePrudent action Special Franklina. Back on stage, Sebastien Tone Said behind the scenes. “We took pictures with the genders, which annoyed the security. But we got a complaint from Brad Pitt, He began with a smile on his face.

“We think it made him laugh”

Then, Sebastien Tone Added: “We think it made him laugh, but he told himself it would give others ideas if he didn’t say anything. They took a long time to catch us because we managed to escape from the cameras. When you received the complaint: ‘Brad seems to be attacking you for breaking a property’ seems funny .. Finally, all went well as the American actor had to withdraw his complaint a few days later.

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